Parias schultzei (Griffin, 1909)

Etymology: named in honor of Leonhard Schultze-Jena

asian-pitvipers | Parias schultzei
Parias schultzei


  • Upper lip: separate yellow, blue, and green lines
  • Facial line: separate yellow, blue and green lines
  • Body line: yellow
  • Lip and chin: green, turquoise, yellow, blue
  • Tail: reddish
  • Body: green, stained black, sometimes red and yellow
  • Ventral: white
  • Reproduction: oviparous
  • hemipenes: long papillosis


Endemic of Balabac and Palawan Islands, Philippines


Malhotra, A., & Thorpe, R. S. (2004). A phylogeny of four mitochondrial gene regions suggests a revised taxonomy for Asian pitvipers (Trimeresurus and Ovophis). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 32(1), 83-100.