The team

The team | l'équipe: Yannick Berthoud

Yannick Berthoud

Founder | l'équipe: Sébastien Dubat

Sébastien Dubat

Communication Manager


Jean-Philippe Chippaux for his time spent responding to my e-mails in a clear and comprehensive way. For his scientific works and his research.

Sébastien Dubat for joining me on the way taking on his free time if only to motivate me in times of doubt, his work on the GUI and his readings.

Manu ‘Bichon Frize’ for his patience in making me understand punctilious biological terms.

Léa Pierrefitte for the long discussions about reptiles, sometimes bringing very precise information, but also and especially her precious help on the writing of sheets and taxa.

Hiren Khatri for joining the project, contributing to his knowledge and magnificent shots of the local herpetofauna.

David Frohlich for sharing photos.

Maxime Goineau for sharing photos.

Domokos Tòth for sharing photos.

Guglielmo Soriente for his sharing photos.

Patric Falck for his sharing photos

Ethan Mann for his sharing photos

Laura Ruysseveldt for his sharing photos

Didrik Claesson for his sharing photos

Ari Flagle for his sharing photos

Vipul Ramanuj for his sharing photos

Gnaneswar Ch for his sharing photos

Karthik Ak for his sharing photos

Chaitanya Shukla for his sharing photos

Md Mothi for his sharing photos

Marco Papa For his help on the English translation.

Rémi Ksas for his information and the work done on his book « The Etymology of the Latin Names of Snakes ».

Clément Carbillet who contributed to the site by sharing photos of Trimeresurus (Popeia) fucatus taken during his trip to Malaysia. Find it also on the site Biosphoto

Matthieu Berroneau for his special permission to use the photos of his travels.

Amandine Aué for his photo shoot that allowed the feeding of pages in the media.

Ludvig Edlund for his photo sharing.

Manuel Ebert for his photo sharing.

Sushil Chikane for his photo sharing.

Dan Rosenberg for his photo sharing.

Domokos Tóth for his photo sharing.

And all the researchers who contributed to the success of this project …. may one day have the opportunity to participate in such projects.