Stories of envenomations

Envenomation with Trimeresurus albolabris juvenile

Only one hook has crossed the epidermis. The swelling occurred immediately after the bite that occurred during a feeding session. Local necrosis also appeared about 20 minutes after the bite. The pain was severe and the victim could no longer use the bitten finger without feeling pain. the victim felt his pulse in the finger. 24 hours later, this sensation disappeared and the finger was less inflated. On the third day, the finger still deflated, but the bleeding continued. By the seventh day, the pain has almost disappeared and the bleeding has stopped.

  • Morsure par Trimeresurus albolabris juvénile, premier jour. Credit: anonyme
    Morsure par Trimeresurus albolabris juvénile, premier jour. Credit: anonyme

Envenomation by an adult female Trimeresurus macrops

I was bitten by an adult female Trimeresurus macrops on the left finger. She bit and held for half a second. Immediately after the bite, my finger quickly swelled. An hour later, it was the whole finger that was painful and the site of the bite had become blue-black, so I decided to go to the hospital. I stayed one night during which doctors performed blood tests every two hours. The next morning, the entire arm was swollen. The pain was really intense, so the medical staff gave me intravenous analgesics. Later in the morning, my blood was not abnormal so I decided to watch for myself and went home. The arm deflated over 4 days and the pain decreased slightly each day.

— David Frohlich —

  • Morsure Trimeresurus macrops - Credit: David Frohlich
    Morsure Trimeresurus macrops - Credit: David Frohlich

Envenomation by an adult Trimeresurus albolabris

I was on my way to bring back animals to the wild that I had home after using them in a lecture in Thailand. It had some snakes, and 2 of then where white-lipped pit vipers, Trimeresurus albolabris.
I out the first one in a bag, but the other one where a bit scetchy and always turned out from the bag again. Since I’ve had this snake at home for a while and knew it was very calm, I used my hand to hold the bag open when it turned around and bit me.
I took the motorbike to hospital, where they at first run some blood tests. It hurted at this point but not very much. Doctor said I did’nt need anti venom at first. After around 3 hours my hole arm where swollen so they decided to give me anti venom anyway. At the allergy test they could see I am allergic to anti venom, but they ha e me anyway. At this point to pain in the hand where the most intence I have ever experienced.
Maybe 30 minutes giving me 5 vials of anti venom, I had an anaphylactic chock due to the anti venom. I felt nausy and got rash all over my body so they gave me EpiPen and it stopped.
I could’nt sleep in the hole night because of the pain in my hand. Awful pain hard to describe.
The day after I decided to leave hospital against the doctors will.
After a couple of days my finger turned into a black blister, so had to go see doctor again. They gave me antibiotics for the infection and put a hole in the blister and put bandage on my finger. I lost feeling in the fingertip and it took around 3 months to heal fully.
Today, 1 year later I still don’t have 100% feel in the finger.

— Jonathan Hagström —

  • Trimeresurus albolabris bite - Jonathan Hagström
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